Aki Mizusawa


Aki Mizusawa is a nude model, actress, tarento, model and singer active since 1972, and a fine wearer of wet T-shirts.

Aki Mizusawa (born Akiko Suihi and with with numerous other names) is a wearer of many hats. A high school drop-out, Aki doesn’t seem to have let that be a detriment. Although her real estate investments failed as the bubble collapsed in ’08 leaving her with enormous debts, frugal living got her debt-free by ’11. She still acts and also travels the world as a professional speaker at international conferences on the topics of “Parenting”, “Environment” and “Lifestyle of Working Women” and, being into hip-hop, has opened two dance studios. A little trivia: Aki caused a bit of a scandal in 1984 by having an affair with Jackie Chan. I’ll never think of Shanghai Nights in quite the same way ever again.

Born December 5, 1954 (or 1959) Tokyo
Height: 5’3″ (157cm)
Measurements” 33-23-33″ (85-60-85cm)
Aki-Mizusawa-www.ohfree.net-001 Aki Mizusawa

Aki-Mizusawa-www.ohfree.net-002 Aki Mizusawa

Aki-Mizusawa-www.ohfree.net-003 Aki Mizusawa

Aki-Mizusawa-www.ohfree.net-004 Aki Mizusawa

Aki-Mizusawa-www.ohfree.net-005 Aki Mizusawa

Aki-Mizusawa-www.ohfree.net-006 Aki Mizusawa

Aki-Mizusawa-www.ohfree.net-007 Aki Mizusawa

Aki-Mizusawa-www.ohfree.net-008 Aki Mizusawa

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Aki-Mizusawa-www.ohfree.net-012 Aki Mizusawa

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Aki-Mizusawa-www.ohfree.net-014 Aki Mizusawa

Aki-Mizusawa-www.ohfree.net-015 Aki Mizusawa

Aki-Mizusawa-www.ohfree.net-016 Aki Mizusawa

Aki-Mizusawa-www.ohfree.net-017 Aki Mizusawa

Aki-Mizusawa-www.ohfree.net-018 Aki Mizusawa

Aki-Mizusawa-www.ohfree.net-019 Aki Mizusawa

Aki-Mizusawa-www.ohfree.net-020 Aki Mizusawa

Aki-Mizusawa-www.ohfree.net-021 Aki Mizusawa

Aki-Mizusawa-www.ohfree.net-022 Aki Mizusawa

Aki-Mizusawa-www.ohfree.net-023 Aki Mizusawa

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Aki-Mizusawa-www.ohfree.net-025 Aki Mizusawa

Aki-Mizusawa-www.ohfree.net-026 Aki Mizusawa


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