April Joy


April Joy (April Albino) was born in the Philippines, but grew up in San Diego. She’s an import model and does a little bartending on the side. April Joy’s an athletic, outdoorsy type and has competed in at least one body building competition. She says her body part that gets the most attention is her butt. It sure got mine. For all the non-nitpickers, April Joy’s latest tat on her left shoulder blade is a lovely rose next to a skull with two snakes curled around it.

Age: 31
Height: 5’4″
Weight: 120lb
Measurements: 34C-26-38″
Model-April-Joy-www.ohfree.net-001 April Joy

Model-April-Joy-www.ohfree.net-002 April Joy

Model-April-Joy-www.ohfree.net-003 April Joy

Model-April-Joy-www.ohfree.net-004 April Joy

Model-April-Joy-www.ohfree.net-005 April Joy

Model-April-Joy-www.ohfree.net-006 April Joy

Model-April-Joy-www.ohfree.net-007 April Joy

Model-April-Joy-www.ohfree.net-008 April Joy

Model-April-Joy-www.ohfree.net-009 April Joy

Model-April-Joy-www.ohfree.net-010 April Joy

Model-April-Joy-www.ohfree.net-011 April Joy

Model-April-Joy-www.ohfree.net-012 April Joy

Model-April-Joy-www.ohfree.net-013 April Joy

Model-April-Joy-www.ohfree.net-014 April Joy

Model-April-Joy-www.ohfree.net-015 April Joy

Model-April-Joy-www.ohfree.net-016 April Joy

Model-April-Joy-www.ohfree.net-017 April Joy

Model-April-Joy-www.ohfree.net-018 April Joy

Model-April-Joy-www.ohfree.net-019 April Joy

Model-April-Joy-www.ohfree.net-020 April Joy

Model-April-Joy-www.ohfree.net-021 April Joy

Model-April-Joy-www.ohfree.net-022 April Joy

Model-April-Joy-www.ohfree.net-023 April Joy

Model-April-Joy-www.ohfree.net-024 April Joy
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Model-April-Joy-www.ohfree.net-025 April Joy

Model-April-Joy-www.ohfree.net-026 April Joy

Model-April-Joy-www.ohfree.net-027 April Joy

Model-April-Joy-www.ohfree.net-028 April Joy

Model-April-Joy-www.ohfree.net-029 April Joy

Model-April-Joy-www.ohfree.net-030 April Joy


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