AV idol Yuri Komuro


Yuri Komuro was one of the top actresses in the AV field during the late 1990s, and from 1996 to 1999 was called “The AV Queen”.

A precocious child, Yuri said while still in kindergarten she asked a neighborhood boy to play with her breasts. As a teenager she studied to be a travel agent, then made the logical jump to AV at 19.

Yuri took advantage of her popularity as an AV idol to engage in a business venture, endorsing a perfume which, it was claimed, was based on the smell of a pair of panties she had worn for several days without changing. The perfume was called “Asoko”, literally meaning “that place”, a Japanese euphemism for the genitals. Unfortunately, her business acumen wasn’t the best and she blew her money in all kinds of spectacular ways. What was left, “I used to buy a car and personal computer”.

After a few post AV films Yuri then moved on to a second career in journalism, covering the field of erotic entertainment.  She claimed, “I never had an orgasm during a film shooting except when somebody worked on me with a vibrator.” In 2006, seven years after retirement from the AV industry, Komuro stated, “I’m finally at the stage where I can really enjoy sex.”

DOB: July 28, 1976 Kanagawa Japan
Height: 5’2″ (157cm tall)
Measurements: 34-23-34″ (88-60-87cm)
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